DJI Mavic Pro Low-Noise Propellers


Streamlining the Mavic even further

DJI is about to launch a product that costs just a few bucks and promises to revolutionize your Mavic experience. That’s right, I’m talking about the low-noise quick-release propellers that will make your Mavic Pro quadcopter quieter and more reliable than ever before !
DJI Mavic Pro users have mostly had good things to say about the quadcopter. Petite, lightweight, and foldable, this innovative little drone is a great piece of gear for aerial photography. Besides its extreme portability and 4K camera, users have loved the ease of use it offers. The Mavic Pro comes with mobile device control, automatic take-off and landing, gesture-enabled selfie functionality, and a host of special modes to help you get the exact variety of footage you want without moving a muscle. (shop it here)
DJI got almost everything right with the Mavic Pro. Perhaps the only cause for complaint with this amazing little quadcopter has been the high noise levels at which it operates. Well, looks like DJI takes its customers’ feedback pretty seriously; the brand has just announced the Mavic’s upgraded successor, the DJI Mavic Platinum.

Inexpensive Propellers That Will Boost Your Mavic’s Performance

Besides the platinum finish that gives the new quadcopter its name, there are a few other ways in which the DJI Mavic Pro Platinum (shop it here) differs from the Mavic Pro. Chief among these is its quiet operation. When I say quiet, I mean a 60% decrease in operating noise as compared to the original drone.
That brings us to the subject of today’s post. You see, the secret to the Mavic Pro Platinum’s low-noise operation lies in its propellers. The propellers in DJI’s latest drone are aerodynamically designed to cut take-off and landing noise by 4dB. They also increase the drone’s flight time to 30 minutes (easily 10 minutes more than the competition). These propellers (listed as 8331 propellers) come in a choice of golden and platinum finishes, and cost between $10 and $25 a pair. (shop it here)
But it is not only the noise-reduction it is also the performance. The new designed propellers let your drone perform better in the sky. It is more flexible, faster and more powerful.

Upgrade your drone on a budget

In my opinion, the Mavic 8331 propellers are a great move by DJI. Most tech gear brands today are guilty of making add-ons that only work with their newest (and typically most expensive) products. In contrast, DJI has officially confirmed that the low-noise quick-release propellers it’s sending out with the latest Mavic Pro Platinum, will also be compatible with the Mavic Pro!
So if you already own a Mavic, DJI won’t force you to spend a fortune to switch to a Mavic Platinum. Adding the $10-$25 propellers to your existing Mavic will get you a fair degree of noise reduction (but no increase in flight time). The results are much better with the Mavic Platinum, though, so if you’re still in the market for your first drone, I’d suggest investing the extra hundred bucks that the Platinum will cost you.

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