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There had been a lot of excitement building around GoPro’s first drone, Karma, since its official announcement. The competition in the market has been tough and as of yet there have been competitors who have almost taken over the consumer ship when it comes to drones. However, when GoPro’s CEO dramatically unveiled Karma, people could not wait to get their hands on it (shop it here).
For a number of reasons, it is a machine that works. Its portable design ensures stability in air as well as on ground. The long and slim drone can easily fit into a backpack or any other carrier. Karma’s portability happens to be one of its primary attractions. Go Pro may not have the most portable drone on the market but it is still more than most others available. The portable packages includes the controller that comes with a built in 5 inch touchscreen.

Another area where Karma comes out on top is video quality. The video captured by GoPro’s Hero 6 camera with the new GP1 chip inside is top notch and viewed in 4K with 60 frames per second and massive 240 frames on a 1080p Full HD setting. That makes the new Go Pro a slow-motion working horse. Viewers and enthusiasts will be greatly pleased by the vivid colors and crisp details that are highlighted in the end result. Karma’s three axis camera gimbal and rotors work together to ensure stability at all time. When it comes to high speed capturing, the drone is preserve professional quality aerial views.
GoPro has also made it easier for the photography enthusiasts to edit their videos in the air. Apps such as Quik (shop it here) can ensure that the video is edited and uploaded in a matter of minutes.
While most would argue that Karma’s range is not that impressive, it still goes up a distance of 3.0 km and reaches a height of 3.2 km as well. It remains connected to the Wi-Fi which is why; the range remains much shorter when compared to a few other drones that communicate over radio signals.

Tech analysts have referred to Karma as being lightweight but sturdy. The main reason for that is its body which happens to be of a plastic like material yet heavier. Karma is actually ideal for capturing sporting activities. It has four autonomous modes and does not feature the coveted ‘follow’ or collision detection sensors. Despite that, the machine is competitively priced and can be purchased along with accessories such as the handheld stabilizer or Karma grip (shop it here).
While GoPro has certainly exceeded expectations and launched a versatile drone in the market, they still need to focus on one or two aspects. The battery (shop it here) life of Karma is not impressive, even after modifications. It fails to last for the duration the drone flies up in the air. Once that improves, this simple and sleek machine will surpass most of the competition.

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