Drone Tornado H920 by Yuneec


This is Not a Toy!

For such a serious piece of kit with such obvious build quality, it is amazing that the entire Yuneec Tornado H920 (shop it here) can be put together with a single allen key. The 17-inch blades fit to the main machine to create a massive drone – a hexacopter with the option to fit a 3-axis gimbal (which is worth it). Yet it only weighs around 5kg and it doesn’t take long to put together. The arms lock in to place and also unlock easily for transportation, and they’re also designed to break halfway down in the event of a crash, meaning that you won’t immediately lose control and destroy your drone.

Capture the World

With the gimbal attached, this is a drone that doesn’t miss a single thing. Each one has a custom-sized Panasonic GH4  – renamed the Yuneec CG04 – so you get zoom, 16MP and 4K video capabilities included, with the picture quality to match. The controller is a 24-channel beast, with its own Android tablet built in for visual control. Tilt, zoom and land are all automatic functions, and the drone is also implanted with GPS, which can be switched on and off, and a useful home function in case you get a bit over-ambitious. The range is about 1000 feet although you’d be seriously trusting to let such an expensive piece of kit go that far – and don’t forget to check the rules and regulations before you send the Tornado off in to the distance. The battery life is around 20 minutes, although this can be extended with the attachment of a second battery. It isn’t a surprise that something so sturdy and powerful doesn’t last longer, but with this comes extreme durability and control even in high winds, with the six arms doing a superb job of stabilising the copter.


Together with the Skyview Goggles (shop it here) you have an extended perspective of the H920 and can control it much better in the sky. 

Not for Beginners

Perhaps this goes without saying for a drone that costs around 2000 Euros; it isn’t suitable as a first-time purchase. A hexacopter is a very different flying experience to a standard four-arm copter, and the configuration is detailed and in-depth. There is also a slight issue with obstruction, in that the rotors sometimes appear in the footage. Again though, this is a by-product of such stability and safety, and is more than made up for by the ability to get absolutely blur-free pictures at excellent resolution. All the different configurations and options on the comprehensive controller make this a geek’s paradise, but the controller itself is massive and incredibly intimidating for less-experienced drone pilots. If you are up to the challenge though, this is a top-of-the-range experience, with some companies using this very model for security as well as unmanned delivery. It is reliable, almost unbreakable and the on-board camera and upgrade options are the best around. What’s not to like?

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