Outdoor Essential: Hydrapak Stash 750ml


Hydrapak Stash 750 ml

The first thing I notice when picking it up is that it’s incredibly lightweight – less than 100g for a one-litre container is excellent. Its walls are very thin – it’s made of thermoplastic polyurethane – and there’s a practical reason for this that goes beyond weight. When you’re finished with it, you can twist and scrunch it up so that it is less than a quarter of its original size, which is great for space-saving. The decision to use TPU is justified as it is super-resistant to abrasion and wear and tear, meaning that repeating this action isn’t going to wear it out, but also that it doesn’t puncture or damage easily, meaning that you won’t be buying another one any time soon. Its elasticity means that it snaps back to its original shape too, so you won’t deform it by squeezing too hard. Of course, the other advantage of using TPU is that it is a PVC free bottle, meaning that it is as environmentally-friendly as a plastic can be.
Advertised as a lightweight water bottle for fans of the great outdoors, the Hydrapak Stash comes in at just under $20 (shop it here), so I intend to give it a thorough examination to see if it’s worth paying a bit more for a reusable bottle.
I tried freezing it and putting very hot water in too, and it took both with no problems and no visible sign of any wear. The top is secure – I experienced no leaks – and the grip ring means that you can take a swig while moving without worrying about it slipping through your fingers. The marks on the outside let you know how much water you’ve got left as well, which is handy.
The only negative that I’ve found is that the inside of the bottle tends to absorb the flavour of whatever is inside, which means it’s fine for water, but can taste a bit funny if you’ve washed it out with soapy water. Similarly, soft, fizzy or alcoholic drinks aren’t recommended – this is a bottle just for water.
There are five different colours available, with Malibu blue the most aesthetically pleasing and the second-cheapest option behind the slightly more extreme green. All the colours fit well with the outdoors and won’t look out of place amongst your trekking kit.
Overall, the Hydrapak Stash is an excellent buy if you’re looking to get out of the habit of one-use plastic bottles, which aren’t environmentally-friendly.

• Durable, leak-proof, lightweight and compact
• Compatible with most water filters
• Environmentally-friendly
• The water doesn’t always taste great out of the bottle
• Not suitable for liquids above 60 degrees centigrade

Shop it here:
Hydrapak Stash 750ml

Featured pic by: Thomas Vitali
Photos by: Amazon Store
Video by: HydraPak, LLC | https://hydrapak.com
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