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Let me tell you a short story about my approach to write this eBook.

A few years back I knew that I wanted to try and become a filmmaker. To spend my life exploring different places, capturing their beauty on film, and then sharing it with the world. I wanted everyone to see things from my perspective: travel videos, artistic films and vlogs. Dreaming that I would be able to share my memories, express myself artistically and even be lucky enough to get paid for my dream job – that was what I was after…

I needed a camera: but which one ? Where to start ? Which is good for my needs and what meets my budget ? Going for a much more expensive one or a beginner one to see how it works ? Should I check pros and cons through youtube reviews to finally realize everybody has different needs when it comes down to filming… ?

And overall – there are so many choices…
the Canon is robust and durable…
…but the Sony is better at shooting in bad light conditions, isn’t it ?
…what if I want slo-mo capturing but shooting in Full HD ?…
…and so on and so on, reading reviews confused me even more, so I was constantly procrastinating: unable to choose between different brands and models and I was totally indecisive, whenever I resolved to make a choice, I would change my mind the next day and bought different gear. I made my experiences and I will share the optimized gear list with you !

So, if you are deliberating over what equipment to buy, trust me, I know exactly what you are going through.
And you will get to the other side of the mountain eventually !

I wanted to help anybody who is going through that same frustrating time: so, I racked my brains and put all my knowledge and experience together, into one helpful guide, which will show you exactly what you should buy as a beginner, semi-profi or on-going filmmaker.

Don’t panic, it’s all affordable kit or at least info about which is the best to get massive results for your hard earned money !

And this list is available to anyone.

If I am being brutally honest then before a pretty high professional level, it isn’t that important what camera you have. (I began with a 2-megapixel smartphone!)

What my hundreds of satisfied followers and customers across the world seem to value are a few vital techniques, mindsets and processes which are the difference between being a bog-standard photographer or enthusiastic movie maker to the kind of filmmaker who is crafting beautiful art and really stands out from the crowd.

The kind of filmmaker that everyone wants to work with.
The kind of filmmaker that massive brands fly all over the world.
The kind of filmmaker that others aspire to be like.

My vlogs will teach you about these crucial elements, over the coming weeks and months through my youtube channel:

Stay tuned and see you soon !
All the best.