Thomas Vitali was born on 12.03.1980 in Munich, Germany. After the autodidact taught himself about the management of music labels, licenses, the production of electronic club music, and built a considerable network in the music industry, in which he has been active for over a decade, he has now turned to his latest project: film making. Thomas Vitali has accumulated experience as a music producer, author and manager in the music industry and combines his expertise in music media law and media design with the closely related art of cinematography.

The Mission…

… is to provide professional information about the media filmmaking with drone and camera, photography and related topics in form of videos, articles and blog entries. You can expect a crossover of my experiences, researches and services. My highest aim is to provide you with value or entertainment or both – so thank you for your interest and your time sharing with me.

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Thomas Vitali(24 videos,289k views)

Filmmaker | Vlogger | Reviewer | Author | Drone Evangelist. Favorite Words: Remote Place, Dramatic, Battery (+ Pl.), Footage Ultimately: Energy Drink Addict




  • German license of so called „Kenntnisnachweis für Steuerer von unbemannten Fluggeräten gem. § 21d iV.m. § 21 a Absatz 4 LuftVO“
  • Member of Modellflugsportverband Deutschland e.V. (MSDV) Mitgliedsnummer E-13733A since August 2016
  • Copter Insurance with coverage up to 3 Million EUR damage, commerical use with film
  • Over 800 Starts and Landings in 5 different countries with extreme weather & location conditions
  • Over 300 hours net flight time experience
  • Capable of operating 3 different drone types (Phantom 4 Pro, Mavic Pro, Inspire 2)